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For anyone interested in it’s progress i’ve linked Trade Explorers to the currently running live trading account with EA31337 ver 1.072 under my profile. I’d link it here but unsure of the code to use like others have above. Also, is this error an issue?
2018.05.24 18:08:49.474 EA31337-Lite-Full-v1.072 EURUSD,M1: Info (1132): OpenOrderIsAllowed: Maximum open and pending orders has reached the limit (MaxOrders).
It’s repeated down the list under every indicator but reads Maximum open and pending orders per…

This is the information message, not the error, telling that you’ve reached maximum ‘open and pending orders’, based on the calculated limits for your balance. So the EA is driving on the full force. In other words, EA would like to open more orders, but it would be too risky given the calculated risk (such as balance). You can disable info messages if you wish, but it’s not recommended.


Hi everyone first post! I just wanted to say thankyou kenorb for all of your complex hard work that has gone into this project. I’ve had a little play and today dove straight in!! $1100 loaded into a live trading account with the files and version from this post #9 (v1.072) on MT4 latest release. It’s been running 1 hourish so far current result is -$32 OzHopper

I wish you luck, however, if you’re running v1.072 with the default settings, it’s a bit unpredictable, as we’ve seen on the demo accounts. One week could go well, another not. Secondly, your performance also depends on the broker. If your spreads are too high, EA could generate the losses instead, so you should investigate first on the demo. It would be good if you can backtest it using your broker data for the latest few months and adjust for your needs.


I do not know why, but with me the ea only makes a minus! first tested with the posted set file, since yesterday afternoon with the default settings …. so far it does not look much better! but why?? {image}

Which pair you’re testing on? Can you post the report file from your files/ folder of your MT4 after EA run? Can you paste the screenshot of the EA screen while running?

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