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I recently joined the Fibstalker community and I’ve gone through this thread and video’s. I want to ask pantelist a favour: If he could upload or email me the latest white and black templates and Fibtool3 with presets he is using at the moment. It is not totally clear how to set these presets. This would give me a quick start and I will get to know things from there. Many thanks in advance for this.

Hello traderAnthon.
Please find here attached the files you need for Fibstalking.

Some additional info:

(1) Save into your MT4 Templates Folder (Open your Metatrader 4, click File –> Open Data Folder –> templates) both Black_Template_FibStalker_Fibtool3_1.11.tpl and White_Template_FibStalker_Fibtool3_1.11.tpl here attached files.

(2) Save into your MT4 Presets Folder (Metatrader 4, click File –> Open Data Folder –> MQL4 –> Presets) the FibTool3._black_FibStalker.Modified.tpl and FibTool3._white_FibStalker.Modified.tpl here attached files.

ATTENTION: For both files of this step you must change the .tpl to .set in their filenames. (I couldn’t upload them as .set because FF cannot recognize that kind of files)

(3) Restart your Metatrader 4 and now you can select the template you wish (Black or White) to work on.

· The Fibo Tool has the ability for choosing three prefix keys, which can be adjusted to our needs. These keys are the numbers 1, 2 & 3 (only for those are set in the upper horizontal row on the keyboard … not those in the numeric pad on the right side of it). In the provided Templates the “1” prefix key corresponds to the full range of FibStalker Methods Fibos, then the “2” to the Ambush (without T1 and T2) and finally the “3” brings only the anchor from to the anchor to we draw on the chart.
· For every new chart we add, in order to have included the preferable indicators structure etc., we need to save that preferable chart structure to the MT4 Templates Folder under the file name Default.tpl. This file already exists in the Template folder so we must allow to be overwritten with that we prefer. If you want not to lose the initial Default configuration, just make sure to rename it first to something like Default_Old.tpl

If at some point you change in a different timeframe and after that you trace a new fibo or try to adjust one or more of those are already in, the 50% line disappears, then to avoid that it must first be selected a prefix key which will send (again) the order to the indicator to draw fibos with the 50% in it. Not the end of the world with that of course … just saying J

Hope that helps … let me know if you have any troubles with the installation!

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