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weekend, finally!

today the trading (scalping) started with the CAD news, and ended just within an hour.
I was in an out both EurCad and GbpCad trying to average my not greatest entries, but nothing too wild.
eventually things worked out and able to end the “day” for a decent 0.44%.

the week is green, not as strong as the last, but a very nice +1.68%. can take that any and every week, happily.
this month is flying, now at +6.96%, still not at former high, but not too much bellow neither.
looks like my hot streak is back, too bad for the drawdown, or because of it, cant say for sure.
things are going strong, and more importantly consistently, if counted correctly today was the 43rd winning day in a row…not yet at my previous record ( 50?) but not far. the last loss was on 2nd March….2.5 calendar months away!

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apart from hitting new equity high, this is one area i like to challenge myself, make consistent profit day/week and possible month too.
of course every good run ends somewhere, never a moment i think it wont.
however, i think it is important to note, that trading is for money.
a winning day = made money.
it is very different from a W% measure.
a high W% can lose money. for any period.
of course so can winning days end op in a losing month.
it is important to know what you are doing right, where your edge lies, and try to build around it something that suits you and compatible with your system and your personal preferences.
i sincerely hope that in the future will avoid better the back-to-back losses, but even if that happens it can be dealt with.
even without revenge trading, taking larger risk in hope of a speedier recovery.

happy weekend!

there is always, always another trade!!

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