Paybackfx replies to: Alien’s Extraterrestrial Visual Systems


{quote} It always depend on your view and markets views.. if you are looking that trades as an investment for few months then you can easily tolerate if H1 starts to go in your opposite direction and make a retrace because on that time h4 is still in your trades direction. if you are trading swings and doing 1-2 in out on a pair as within one week then its better to trade m15 to h1 tf exits. if you are actively doing scalp in out within a day then m1 to m5 tf exits could be correct for you…… to be on safer side if you are more conservative on…

this is one of the most important thread in this ff.full of simplicity ,good strategy and trading psychology .thanks nadiyakinare for this words and thanks a millions to FOREXALIEN.U AREA GIFT TO THIS FF.
PAYBackFX…the only enemy here is the marketand the broker not our fellow traders

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