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There is another possible gartley on the Daily, with a target higher than the previous on H4.

PRZ @ 1891x, so I’m thinking either this target will complete minute corrective ((c)) and minor motive 4.
But caution there is an EMA200 in the way.

Next best count will be minor A and wave 3 – 4 – 5 are already complete.

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Might be a little early to tell but in the longer run we’ll need an intermediate corrective wave (B).
I know predicting in the long run is probably not the best idea. But either way, this is something I think, could play out.
I already posted this before when we were still working on wave 5.

The PRZ of the gartley is in line with some previous structure and the end of wave (B) at structure resistance of intermediate motive wave 3.
I do believe however we can see 151x again a couple of times the next coming weeks, and as long as price stays above, this is a valid.

However, longer term probability remains: a new structure low with a shallow correction and a deep projection.
This means that if we are at minor wave 4 and wave 5 is still to come, the PRZ that lines up with structure and fib 38.2 is a great short entry zone.

For the swing it’s probably best being careful going long, wave (B) isn’t that interesting to do that anyways and it’s best to wait for wave (C) and don’t trade against the main trend, so best to wait for intermediate wave (C) or minor wave 5 (if there is one).

Intraday however I think there still might be some opportunity on the upside the coming week.

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Okay, that’s it have a great weekend!


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