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No dragon picked here, but still might be useful for some as a setup approach, then dragon traders to use it for dragon entry.
Will also name here some Harmonic Indicators (@thangdnd.1211 request)… probably too late, but might still help.
Not bragging, since all I have done, spent time to review existing stuff, but anybody looking for harmonic indicators, I suggest to have a look at a post I had about indis a while ago – not too rusty yet!:

Anyways, back to the current subject (of mine for you )..
Built some templates with alerts, still working on finishing just majors, gold, Dax and WTI.
Used several indi inputs – mainly H1 and above TFs – generally up to weekly.
Indis used: Korharmonics, THI V1.2, Carney formation seeker, Ga1Search_patterns.
Marked the alert levels for setup, I am using the True TL alert v1.01 (TTL) for pop-up, possibly mail alerts.
Sound alert with the TTL indi is annoying though, since price at these levels might be struggling a lot.
Also marked yearly high and low levels for the banks to know where they need to take action https://www.facebook.com/images/emoj…1/16/1f642.png
The alert goes on (and on and on!!) when price is near or at trend lines
I drew horizontal TLs with names of patterns, possibly with entry range, some with recommended SL levels.
NZDUSD I generally find being harmonically a nice pair, so I publish its tpl (template) to be checked by anybody interested, having MT4 to load the template on an empty graph of NzdUsd.
It is just an example, feel free to apply, try and comment PLZ!
This is just harmonics, no entry exactly defined other than the HTF ranges.
This is just a set-up alert for me to start looking for a more precise and defined entry.
Good luck, I will be glad if anybody can use it, or comment for improvement opportunity!
Should look like this when template loaded on NzdUsd MT4 graph:

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