Pip-Miner replies to: The only thread you will ever need: FX Exposed!


{quote} Ok guys, let me help you a little. Below is a sort of questionnaire comprising of 2 questions. If the answer to the first is yes and the answer to the second question is no, then please like the comment so we can send a clear message to FF. So: 1. Did you understand that the markets are being manipulated by SM? 2. Do you want further proof from FF in this respect? Now lets see the level of balls in this thread…

Thank you guys for liking this post. You’ve proven that you have balls. Unfortunatelly there were only 5 of you, so we cannot do many things from here onwards. This is the democracy in the end

In the meantime FF continued his manipulative behaviour, asking the members to vote against his “enemies”. And then to vote again?!?! And the sad thing is that they did it. Twice. So pathetic guys…

FF also didnt make any live calls, but only in hindsight, as usual. And of course kept fighting with the windmills, like Don Quijote and Sancho (you know him by now, woof woof).

Anyways, I’ll be back here in 3,4 weeks and I know that everything will be the same:

– no steps forward
– a few more videos showing that the markets are manipulated by SM
– FF will continue the wars against his “enemies”
– FF will continue to post the rainbow charts without any explanations and horridos in hindsight
– FF followers will be completely blind and addicted to the rainbow charts posted now and then
– and many other things (votes, hashtags etc.), but enough said for now; anyways, they wont understand, in the end CIO is fairly low lol

Anyone wanna bet?

Stay blind

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