pipatronic replies to: CMC and Cityindex


I withdrew my monies with City Index. It came into my account within 3 days. Now, wondering where to park it.

Roughtrader (or anyone else), after all your insight, which broker would you recommend?

I did recommend Divisa Capital in here before,
been trading with them for several months now,
and still love them, but no micro acounts since this is
going straight through to the banks.
for some reasons 10.000 of a lot is the lowest you can trade,
which is called minilots I believe.
if a broker is offering microlot he must hedge your positions,
and thats a dealing desk, so pleace avoid brokers with microlots.
unless they have a very low spread ECN
I also think FInFX”ecn acount” seem to be good,
but no live acount yet, just demo there,
another one I have been demo testing is
Advanced markets, very nice spreads there to,
Divisa and Advanced Markets claiming to be pure DMA
they are the only ones that seem to have it and that I found so far.
DMA= direct market access, which means your orders go straight
into the real market. I believe this is the best type
since your orders are totally anonymous.
the executions are also very fast with these type of broker
I don’t know exactly how it work but what I have noticed so far
is DMA is a lot better than ECNs when it comes to spread and execution time.
with ECNs we are talking seconds in some cases, DMA is milliseconds.
which is very nice if you are a scalper.
and there is no way the broker could mess with your trades.

Bulls are stupid Animals!especially when Im short!

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