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{quote} Yeah…I believe you bro…..it’s too early to assess the consistency of applying this approach especially by itself. I need to feel the movements as I am the master in touchy feeling of 28 28 pair movement….the dance that goes on…the widening and thinning and jerking and jolting in real time ..it will take longer with WCU but definitely worth it as it becomes a pure fundamental plal and a very powerful one when combined with strength/weakness.. what time of the day was that H1/H2 setup you were referring to? I know you don’t believe…

Update… I’ll post this here and not at the end. One must remember that all that matters is the CURRENCY is strong/weak and not the PAIR.. Concentrate on the currency first then a pair if you find one in a buy/sell zone.

The NZD/USD might be rising but is the NZD strong or is the USD weak… ? It matters. Now I know the NZD is very, very strong at the minute.

Not had one yet with the WCU but if one goes into the buy zone and another in the sell zone and you can see money flowing in and out of those currencies then you will hit the jackpot.. but as its Forex anything can happen but you won’t find anything more certain..

(Now people call me out on my spelling etc in other posts…. I write at a million miles an hour cause I have other things to do – That’s why!!!!)

Without going into much detail now as I’m on the way out…. Some fun.. I’ll update you on your post when I can… I’ll say though that Twee has a good sense of humor if he ever emails you. Top bloke…… I asked him a few time to close my account here. I’m still here LOL

Time matters yes…. I might have wrote it wrong… Just timeframes don’t matter to me so much…. But as at the minute with the WCU charts I have to use timeframes.

Like time in the Asian session doesn’t matter to myself as long as I have enough money flowing in or out of any of the Asian currencies… Well AUD NZD or JPY. The only pairs in the Asian session I will touch. Conbined with any other but mostly EUR, GBP or USD.

Serious money to be made in the asian sesssion if you can catch the money flow on time especailly when they use the JPY as a safe haven.

I’ll try if I have time over the weekend to finish the first draft script off…. One day you will see it LOL.

I have done everything just by looking at the trading viewchart in the past like I seen how the NZD went into the buy zone… Waited until some money flowed into it and bought it..

Concerning H1 and H2 again you must see how the money is flowing into or out of that currency and forgot what time it is. plus how a currency hits a buy or sell zone on that timeframe.

I hate screen time though that’s why I gave it up… I just look once or twice a day and see if any currency is going into a buy or sell zone on the daily chart… If there is one… I will just watch and wait until big money flows into it or vise versa if in the sell zone…. Watch the money flowing out of it..

Now the NZD today hit the buy zone on the H1 and H2 chart (Even though its been rising for the last few days it will still hit sell zones on the lower timeframes) and then I could see money flowing into the NZD and out of the USD.

No trade there as I was using my daughter account and already had a big lot trade in it…

I can’t share the money flow script. It impossible for me to share it or see the code… Not the usual MFI from MT4 but a real money flow… Just have to be careful of the mega big boys making false moves with there multi million retail trap trades.

You know me by now. I can do it but can’t explain it very well….. I can drive a car like Michael Schumacher but couldn’t teach anyone else how to do it.

Not Like some people here…. I am a trader and not a teacher….. Hope I make sense. Lack of sleep again.

I’ll update you when I can…..

Trade they way Warren Buffet and George Soros did

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