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Probable turn coming on the majors. Howdy y’all. Yes I’m back form my trip. Had great time, but now i,ts back in the office & gearing up for some kick arse trading. How many of you have managed to master the Hinged Line trading system? Happy trading y’all. Remember, high success rates can only be achieved with discipline & patience.

Hi, Ralffe! Nice to see you again here) Thank you for sharing such a great & simple strategy.
I’m practicing with Hinged Lines on 3 pairs EU H1, AU H4, AJ H4 for 2 months. Found these timeframes comfortable for me on chosen pairs.
Your method rocks!
Two months of trading & about 40% profit. win/loss ratio is really tending to 90% if don’t do mistakes
I modified TP a little, now watching results.

P.S. I’m shorting EU & BE there now) also watching AUD to sell

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