PositiveTrad replies to: Weekly Pivot trading with TDI


Interesting Observation On Monday, Aug. 6th, the EUR/USD went down below the S38 & turned around & went up. I noticed that price seemed to stop midway between the S38 & the S61 so I constructed a fibo between the S38 & the S61 & sure enough, price stopped exactly midway between the two. I call this point the S50 because 50 is midway between 38 & 61. On Friday, price stopped between the S100 & S138 so I constructed a fibo between the S200 & S100 & sure enough, price stopped at a point that would correspond to the S123.6 if there were such a point….


Please refer to the above for Davit’s comment which was: “keep it simple“.

Some people are meant to be leaders while others are followers. This system is compiled by Davit and, after he proved it works, he shares it with us. For leaders, they can always start a new thread, like Davit, to prove his own compilation of indicators work. Otherwise, please just be a follower to learn the way how Davit trade without complicate his system and template.

It is quite frustrated to see some posts here showing Davit’s template without pivot or discuss about pairs’ movement without using TDI and pivot as core rationale.

I truly wonder how many traders here really read Davit’s thread and try to analyse his logic to make themselves a better trader.

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