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{quote} Hilarious how you at FXCM babble about those topics while you have implemented the slowest possible technology (i.e. JSON or REST etc.), whereas when it comes to algos speed matters the most. LMAO.

Hi rockit,

We have API options available for all types of traders which makes our offerings more robust and flexible. The REST API is by far the easiest of our APIs to use, especially with the fxcmpy wrapper, but we do have other options such as FIX API for those that are latency sensitive. FIX API is designed to be as fast and efficient as possible and is an industry standard, but it’s not easy to use, requires extra setup, and overall isn’t as widely known outside of finance. And even faster are binary protocols. It really depends on how the trader is operating, just as if you were looking for a VPS or collocation setup, you would probably find the vast majority of retail FX traders using a VPS from the common service providers, but if you were very latency sensitive you would want to collocate with the exchange (at a higher cost) for the lowest latency possible. For the average trader not trading in milliseconds this may be overkill for the costs involved.

If you’re concerned about speed, there is network level and software level speed to be concerned about. Network speed and bandwidth probably contribute 95% of the delay. This involves where your trading server is located and the latency involved in transmitting orders. On the software level FIX will be faster than REST, but algo traders can judge which they would prefer to use based on their setup and needs.

Our REST API is not 100% restless. It is mixed with restful and restless. It uses web-socket (restful) to push updates to the client which is easy for third parties to integrate their system with us. And it also supports request/response mode (restless).

The REST API offers ease of use in supporting something that is popular and highly requested in the algo trading community, but you are always welcome to use a higher end API such as FIX which we have available. Our API team can help with any in-depth questions. Send me a private message and I can have them get in touch with you.


*FX/CFD trading carries a risk of losses in excess of your deposited funds

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