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Just a sample of what can be achieved with the Funded Trader Programs. This guy is starting to reap the benefits of the Hinged-Line strategy & tuition. {image}

a few thoughts, and feel free to disagree.
great results.
on the screenshot you show approx 2.2% gains in 1 month time!
you generously offer full refund of enrollment fee after 20% account increase, that is about 9 month time with the current “speed”.
the trader in the meantime would be entitled from the month’s profit to about 360$ ( trading 30k, with 60/40 split).
all good, but frankly very hard to commit to serious trading for that return.

it is well thought out, to work for you without a risk. congratulation!
if the trader makes some money, great, you make money, and it is really not your problem no one can get by on 360$ or similar as your sample result split.
if trader loses some money, great, you make money, as he paid upfront approx 2x his max allowed drawdown amount for the privilege.

i think your signals would be more use.
but then, again, looking at the screenshot, and your fee structure that based on trading 0.1 lot and getting paid on that profit bases,
your winners all on the larger lots than 0.1 lot, but most your smaller lots…ie. if all scaled down to that 0.1 lot size, then about half of the 2.2% month’s gain would be gone, if nore more even.

liked your YT videos. would be nice to see the lines drawn and adjusted on live market, not on past chart, for the beginners (of drawing them).

happy trading!

there is always, always another trade!!

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