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So 18 years later, I decide to expose myself to everyone. (dumb move) To be honest I feel euphoria because of my short span of success (as of 9-11-2017 to 7-31-2018 +13%. I am hoping for same success in the future of coarse. But can I sustain a average 1% per month compounded investment ? Lets hope !!!! I need to Journal my emotional attributes to help me in the future. For me personally I believe that I need to be more accountable for the decisions I make as a trader. For example: When draw down occurs and I make decisions based on FEAR. Was the decision based on all emotional ? Or did I implement Technical, Fundamental and Money management along with my emotions? I have built an EA to manage a lot of emotional and stressful situations, but EA”s still can not fix a flash crash or unexpected Fundamental events. I have equity and emergency stops placed on EA for such events, but will the broker honor these? ( probably not ), especially if trades are open over the weekend. My hardest job is keeping Greed off the table because of this success, I want to make more money (add lots). But making more takes risking more, and will never end well at the end. I blown 2 accounts with FXCM from 2000 to 2017 because I wanted out of my daily job so bad, my money management sucked! Only recently I have had success with profits and its because of mostly 2 reasons. 1) money management. 2) building an EA to help with money management.
My goal is to produce an average of 1% a month or better with no more than 20% draw down. Well that doesn’t seem right, risking 20% for 1%. Well Its working for me so far and we will see in the future.
My story :
I was introduced to Forex by a close family friend (Gary Wood) in 1999. He was also our Financial adviser (Fidelity) He introduced us to a man named John Allen Wheeler ( Long Point Investments) Long story short- It turned out to be a Ponzi scam after 1.5 years of investment. Gary Wood and others along with John pooled in more than 30 million of investors money. They help seminars at local prominent hotels and convention centers, John Wheeler even invited investors to his ranch. My family and close friends were involved as investors and foolishly lost a lot and all of our savings, all in good old trust of a dirt bag! I can not blame anyone but my self because when something is to good to be true it is not really true. They were guaranteeing 6% on $20,000-$99,999 / month and 8% on $100,000/month. Red Flag (guarantee). Here is the link : I was 23 at the time an FBI agent called me and broke the news to me. I was in disbelief !!
In 2001, Before we all found out that this was a fraud. I was very interested in how the Forex market worked and attended a local Forex school ( that had a week long course for $2000. After the class I tried to trade myself, but lost money within 8 weeks. So I attended again in late 2002, and the school was transitioning to a new owner ( Joel Nathan Ward). And guess what he turned out to be a fraud as well.…rex-fraud-case. After all these events and scams that lost me all my savings, I still was intrigued how the Forex and Financial system worked and wanted to be my own trader because I do not trust anyone !! And I am pretty stubborn ! I will not give up on something that I have failed in. I am very competitive and played competitive sports most of my life. But mostly stubbornness !!!!.
When youtube and Forex became more popular, I learned more on the web and youtube then ever. After spending thousands of dollars in the past. It is heart wrenching to think about. I watched a lot of videos from Wayne Mcdonnell (forexbootcamp). I spent $200 on 1 month fxbootcamp subscription to attend 3-4 hrs daily of a Live coach (David Pegler). He was awesome. A great disciplined trader and a great human being. We later became friends. I still watch Wayne Mcdonnel on You tube for Fundamental insights and entertainment. I had such a good experience from watching David place and exit trades, that I learned that my whole money management and over trading issues came to light. I then quickly started to keep my profits by leaning how to trade less and trading less lots. I was risking way to much on each trade placed. I simply had to reduce lot size and profit expectations. The hardest for me was to take losses, but I eventually somewhat got over that. It is always an issue, its a matter for me to control a stressful situation, by not letting my emotions take over. I also ran into a thread here FF cubbybegood The REAL Traders Video Journal, 3-5% per month as a US trader. This is where I started to realize EA can do me some good since it is hard to stare at a computer after working at a day job, raising toddlers and being a good husband. I also like the grid strategy that I never explored. His youtube videos showed me the way to create a EA and the possibilities of grid strategy. The grid was a great tool because I always seemed to be early on trades and would take a lot of small losses. Now that I started to use grid I just lower lot size and let EA take profit or loss while im at work or sleeping.
My Strategy and EA: I use 1-15 minute period momentum divergence with RSI O/B or O/S levels. My emergency stops are at 100-500 pips. The take profit is 5 pips -yes (5).TP is based on total basket of trades combined. If a second or 3 or more positions opened basket will be reduced by total opened trades and lot sizes. My equity stop is at 10-20%. Grid is set 5-100 pips. Grid is dynamic based on volume and momentum. Low volume 5 pips, high volume 100 pips. Pairs trade audcad,nzdcad,eurcad,usdcad,gbpusd, 2% Margin leverage 50:1. Account / trade ratio (Risk) AGGRESSIVE -MODERATE for every $1000 trade 0.01/position lots.For CONSERVATIVE trade 0.01/position lots every $2000
EC history problem areas:
2010.5, 2010.7,

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