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Hi all I believe I may have now found a way to copy the replicate the signals in MT4 in a reliable way. I will be starting new LMAX demo accounts so everything is reset to follow along with MT4 and they should match closely. I hope to also add trade explorers. The system will still run on MultiCharts, frankly it way out performs anything I have seen in MT4 but I understand the benefits from copying MT4 signals and it’s availability to more users. Look out for updates… once I get enough traction and investors for this I will close this thread….

it sounds like a game changer.
so, why bother with an LMAX demo, and why not open straight an LMAX live account. or any other, for that matter?
a couple 1000s, should be simple to even take as a payday loan…you are in UK, after all.
not to mention to pool together a few friend’s and their weekend drinking funds.
with 100% a month, it would take off like a SpaceX rocket!!

seriously, if you are from Eritrea or Bangladesh, i would understand what holds you back, but you arent from those places.
time is money, why to waste it on demo then? you have tested it out on demo enough, for sure, if you are offering for sale.
once you have enough (live) track record, you can approach FixiSelect. they are willing to get you up to 1 million trading capital in no time. UK based, FCA.

there is always, always another trade!!

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