profitfarmer replies to: The only thread you will ever need: FX Exposed!


All three persons that have been placed on the “life-time ban list” today, you have time until tomorrow, 23:59, GMT+1 to: – publicly apologize here for your unfounded, incorrect allegations that you have made in writing on this forum – confirm that you made these statements without any basis whatsoever (I am wondering what all this work here has brought me so far!) – you will refrain from doing such things in the future Choose WISELY. I will NOT let go. FF

Dear freak,

As a matter of fact, once you learn to read and comprehend the same time, will jump at you that my post has nothing unwarranted for.
You make I .post#1 a bunch of big claims, with about all to live up to till date….the thread is light years from being the only thread someone ever will need.
It is my opinion, some may find this the only thread they will ever need, some even had after post#1…58 quick pages later I still havent .
Thus still stand behind that post, and if you waiting for an apology for that, it will be a long wait.
I give you until tonight 23:59, GMT (+/-1, as suits you best) to stop wasting time and lifetime ban list me.
Happy delusional times for you!

PS. I don’t ignore you but will ignore any further reference to me. Knock yourself out with the banning, and be it. Once you grow over your self importance I sincerely wish you to find a life for yourself…GMT+1, or else.

there is always, always another trade!!

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