ptradecalls replies to: If you could go back – one Forex thing you’d tell youself?

1 . Give yourself time to learn ( think 5 to 10 year goal)

2. Drink water instead of coffee and dont become hypertensive like i did

3. create rules to cover 5 questions of the trade ,
question(1) How much to trade
question (2) when do i enter for a buy
Question (3) When do i enter for a sell
Question (4) When do i exit with a loss
Question (5) When to i exit with a Profit,

Have each of those questions answered before you hit the submit button on the trade

4. Remember your trading the Price: wheat, corn, the dollar or IBM whatever it is.

I love the comment dont start with big account, i wish i had that advice before i started, i sunk 26K into Gain Capital ( and did not even open a Demo, sorry Grandfather….
unearned money is the easiest to spend and use foolishly

Thank you for your time
Learning Forex One Pip at a Time

May the Pips be ever in your favor

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