rajancr replies to: Forex millionaire

$100 to $100,000 within 8 Days???

The reason to achieve it
– High Leverage
– Riding on a Trend (Such as 2007 Bullrun on Equities and Gold/Silver)
– Shorting on a Crashing Market
– Using Options Vehicles
– Buy Bitcoin during the Bullrun.

Otherwise, regardless of how brilliant you are, without the five factors I mentioned, it will be near to impossible (99.99999999%) to achieve 100 –> 100,000.
That is 100,000% Return in 8 Days or 4,662,500% Return Per Annum.

So far I haven’t seen any Prodigy Trader in the world who have done that.
Warren Buffett
George Soros
– Jim Rogers

So do you really want to trust people who said that they achieved that easily?

The world is filled with dreamer and greed, manage your greed properly and you may find your own holy grail, trust only when it makes more sense.

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