ralphfx replies to: Mastering Price Action Course by Urban Forex

Don’t take courses guys, its a waste of money. Create your own system, a system that suits your style. But before creating anything, read/learn the basics, then begin to discover your method. Journal it every day, test it, until you get your desired result (hopefully not 100%). Then tweak it, tweak it every day. You have to look at charts every single day, drink it, eat it, analyze it, compare, calibrate and etc. Once you have your own system, do not share it nor sell it, its a money making machine, would you sell your secret? Did KFC ever reveal their “Secret Recipe”? That is why I doubt all these Forex courses, who in the right mind wants to sell their “Secret Recipe”? That’s the logic I tell myself every day, to stop me from buying BS. Cheers and good luck.

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