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Hi there, I use the 5M chart with the 50 EMA and would like to add the 50 EMA onto the 5M from the 15M, from the 30M, from the 1H, 4H and daily. Does anyone know which periods I have to use for each to add a 50 EMA from other timeframes on the 5M? Thanks a lot!

Calculate how many 5 minute bars requires to become 15 minutes charts, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hour & a Daily charts.

You need 3 Five minute bars to become 15 minute charts. 6 Five minute bars to become 30 minute charts, same this way 12 bars to become 1 hour, 48 bars to become 4 hour & 288 bars to become a daily charts.

Now your 50 moving average on 5 minute chart calculates last 50 Five minute bars price average & shows it as a line. So if you want to put 15 minute cahrts 50 ema on your 5 minute chart you need to put 50×3=150 ema on your 5 minute chart that will give you 15 minutes 50 ema on 5 minute charts.

So this way you have to the following ema’s 150 for 15m, 300 for 30m, 600 for 1h, 2400 for 4H, 14400 for 1Day Remember if you dont have those bar numbers in the history moving average wont be visible. Say 14400 will not be possible as by default it is 512000 bars in the history.

Hope this is clear, next time you would be able to calculate.

For visual reference:

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