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What do you think of GJ? {image}

Heispark I’m sure you are a nice guy. I have no quarrel with you. You have been respectful on my thread and I appreciate that and your contributions so I’m going to answer the way I would answer people I like.

This goes for everyone….Again!!!

Please do not use software and ask me what I think. I will just ignore it. I have been very clear on numerous occasions about what I think of software. If you don’t want to spend the time doing the work and learning for yourself and you have found software you like and want to use it by all means go ahead. who am I to judge or say you cant. Its up to you. If you want to post it by all means go ahead!! But please people don’t ask me for software and don’t ask me what I think about the software you use to find your patterns for you.

I feel like I’m being nice about this don’t you? Everyone needs to keep this post in mind and the links provided within in mind when looking to contribute to this thread. I understand we all need reminders at times so here it is:…0#post11213170

I’m fairly easy to get along with I just have no time to waste and I’ve already wasted too much time….Again! So as I always say and truly want for everyone….

Enjoy, have fun, trade your plan, make a great day, do your own due diligence and may we all make bank! Game changing Bank!! The kind of Bank that makes you just Think and Grow!!

Don’t follow me! You can and most likely will LOSE all your money!!!!

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