Redbaron81 replies to: I plan to quit forex!

Being profitable at Forex is the same as becoming a doctor, you have to invest massive amount of time and commitment. And if your not careful and patient at the start money as well…lol Trading is not the right choice for 99% of the population. You have to learn as much as you can, look at charts for hours every day and see how things effect the price. Then develop a working system that fits your particular personality. Just because someone is profitable and tells you what to do you will lose because who you are is very important and your brains don’t analyze information the same way. You are playing against best computers, people who see your positions, they know the market mechanics and a have IQ 150+…in the end its a system designed to take your money, if you think this is free market where you have 50/50 chance of winning I suggest you keep your money in the bank because they will take it from you as they do from 99% of people who do this.

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