Rennaissance replies to: Can YOU make money as a trader?

Very hard question actually. Everyone has different conditioning and psychology and that applies to trading.

Some conditioning may have told us from an early age that trading just isn’t a thing that we can even consider doing, which can cause one to not even believe that consistent profit is available via trading. I definitely had some of that to go through.

I don’t think about it a lot, but I’ve had something like 5 or 8? consecutively gaining weeks in a row now. Tiny amounts to begin with but I’ve gone from 1,000 units of risk in 3 lots to 20,000 x 3 and I plan to increase this slowly. So I’ve re-conditioned myself, or however you may put it, to now believe it is certainly possible.

price never moves straight; expecting it to after entry is delusional.

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