Rennaissance replies to: What Would You Do Differently Today for Better Trading Results?


Did you learn from your losses? What did you do to turn your trades around? That should be of interest to us on this thread. Trade safe and prosper. KP {quote}

I could write a book… Lately my lesson has been that personal discipline is prerequisite (for me) for trading discipline.

Another lesson for me lately is that I am trading to feel good, which seems bad, but only if I am attempting to feel good based on “thinking about the money,” which I have adjusted to feeling good, yes, but only by trading well. (rather than booking a gain) This is also coming from a revelation that everyone is doing everything for a feeling.

3rd for today is one I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. Compartmentalizing is a psych thing that we do, so I could be good at one thing but bad at another thing, even if it “should” be involving the identical sills and talent.

I’ll stop there for now.

price never moves straight; expecting it to after entry is delusional.

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