Rennaissance replies to: Win in Trend and Win in Range


A fabulous thread title but painful to see it go nowhere ! My final post on this thread…. May I suggest you guys find the common denominator between Trending and Ranging Markets? There is one in the Thread title itself i.e. “Win” which is tricking you all into going in circles! Ask yourself the right questions and solutions will surface in just a matter of time! What do we have to do with win in both trending and ranging market? What is the common denominator? You will NOT find the answer in entries! If you can figure this out, you will OWN the…

I think you pointed to the right direction
i was staying here and waiting curiously who will be able to bring and or create some reason able logic regarding to title topic – with out to hurt some body,announcing is some thing else than proving
for so many pages,posts and days still no single productive logical theory came at floor – even it is not differentiated yet where it start ranging and where trending,which TF and what size of cycle is considerable – seems we simply flying with sweet dreams
with out a strong and logical base frame how a possible valid strategy can be constructed
still my offer is there if you guys/participants came up and or summed up with some thing logical
along with i dont like going “VEEFX” kind things –
as may be some day you open your hidden box here

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