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{quote} Hello Alex and welcome to the thread. I am glad you are enjoying it and getting results. That is a lot of questions so I will try and answer them one by one. I think the first question is in relation to Martingale strategy – I will say that I have never tried this so I cannot offer an opinion. Next you asked whether renko is better than Bollinger, but again I can only disappoint you as I have never used Renko, so I cannot answer this either. I have read that Renko is very good at providing S/R so this could be useful for you to try out….

Hello Kirk,I”LL BE BACK(Schwarzenegger stuff)Thanks again,for your N01 systems for me.I suddenly interesting for Robots Trading and I started studying and learning about that stuff .Amazing,different situations,systems and so on.I am totally in Robots trading,so I decide to currently,I said currently stopped with manually trading.I think,that the manually trading is King of trading and Robots is Queen.I am a hard worker and I am deeply in this stuff.So,If you are interesting in Robots systems,I will sent my testing results in your private message,because I don”t open a new thread and this thread is only for your amazing system.I added some stuff because of my styling.I added Tdi indicator,(instead of Winner and macd)and H1 correl(I attached picture).I had a TLBOC 1 year ago,then I had a Fractal(HI,LO),and so on,then I decide,that I have my eyes only to determinite S/R.So,There is your System with 2 STUFF:1)first-chart determination(pattern(2b,123 pattern,3b.,avoi HI,LO,double bottom…….,candelstick,Weekly(Davit stuff)…..2)second:indicator structure(TDI-settings(Rsi period=10,Rsi price Type=5(Typical price,Rsi price line=3(green line)Rsi price line type=1(exponential)Rsi Tsi red line=period 7,Rsi Tsl line type=0(simple),all in H1(MTF)(fantastic TMS thread-Emmanuel,Griff,Likica),but your is greater,absolutely,For me,for my style of trading .Ok,that”s it,we”ll be in touch.Regards,Alexander,p.s.I attached result of one Robort system(system is tested in 7 different platforms,with different conditions, and to till now,I am to struggle to control systems-one of several systems(Arbitrage,Hedgings,Artifical,MartinGale……)Attached 1)picture(usd/Chf,robot started 13.1)and 2)usd/cad-started 30.12

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