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{quote} Thanks for the reply and thanks for the back testing for me. The draw down is much serious than my real account. I think my stop loss is tighter than yours (Usually I placed stop loss at the previous previous high/low or H4 200 sma). Please kindly let me know if you have any suggestions. Thank you. {image}


completed the backtest run this morning but did not post the equity chart. Here it is below,
3 times I had to cut losses. Quite good profit with an allocated risk amount of $5k.

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different traders trading with MEME use different basket stop loss management.

I prefer to set a stop loss trailing the average entry prices of all open positions. this means if I have 3 positions in one basket, I take the average entry price of the 3 open positions and trailing that at a fix ADR, example 1.0 x ADR. When there are maximum 5 positions open, the the same 1.0ADR will trailing the average entry price of all 5 positions. You will find the Average Entry Price indicator in this thread attachment.

The other method is to use the dynamic cut-loss using the 10EMA channel. The channel high-low is set to a percentage of the ADR. This method is more complex and requires the use of an expert advisor.

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