Rgb-dj replies to: EURJPY M15 system 80%+

Hello All….I have started this a few weeks ago and the rules are simple,don’t make it complicated and twist it around,the developer is brilliant.

I posed results from August 2018 and here how it goes….. You got the date ,the box range which is 6pm to 10pm est. time.Pips won meaning the 1:1 risk to reward…the total in Blue box…BO.Max pips means if you leave it to run and it hits another buy/sell target or max pips before reversal,you can use a good indicator for confirmation and be safe,or trailing stop the range of the box height in pips.To conclude,positive month August so far,I have not checked the previous months,but I can only say good stuff about this trading system,with proper MM long term,you’re going to be thankful. FXMD is a boss!

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