rgrace replies to: Supply and Demand Journal

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I will be back to trading as usual Monday. I am currently trading these supply/demand zones off of the 5 minute charts with no regard to trend. I am doing this so that I can get a feel for how the markets react at these zones. I am not expecting to be incredibly profitable by doing this, so this is more for experience using supply/demand. My idea is to trade one portion of the strategy, get good at it, gain confidence, then add the next piece if needed. Trade the next piece for a while, gain confidence in it, compare results with previous results, add next piece if needed.

This system is going to be my entry system, am actually looking at position trading off of small time frames using this entry system and a mechanical trade management that should get me in and keep me in for some large moves.

That however is some time in the future, for now, just practicing the entries. Sorry for the rambling, I have been away from the markets for a few days and have been doing a lot of thinking about my longer term goals in trading and thought I would put them at least partly in writing.

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