rgrace replies to: Trading Equity Millipede Concept by Concept

The simple method is explained in post 11 mainly, there are also details in post 4 and 12 in the aforementioned thread.
Before I show the rules I plan on trading, I wanted to touch on the purpose of this journal.

As I mentioned before the equity millipede thread has been on my mind for years.

It makes perfect sense to me, and looks as though it may be an incredibly profitable way to trade.

All these years and I realized I have not given his concepts a proper test. This thread will start with a very simple trading plan that was explained by pipeasy in the first few posts.

From there, if successful, will add another concept or two from the millipede. Trade that for a while, rinse and repeat until the whole method is understood and implemented.

I believe a lot of people failed because of information overload. They tried to implement too many things at once without full understanding of the concepts.

I know that was one of the main reasons I quit. I learn mainly by doing, I am familiar with the concepts he is trading. But until you trade something for some time you will not fully understand.

I will trade each concept until I fully understand what to expect, and then add another piece. This will take quite some time.

Discussion is welcome here, but please keep discussions on topic to what we are currently trading.

No other subjects from the equity millipede thread until it is time to implement that part.

No negativity, if you traded this and it did not work. I do not want to hear about it. No posts about how this system does not work, cannot work etc..

Honestly, even if I prove to myself that this method will not or cannot work this journal and the time trading it will still be worth it.

Even if I fail miserably, I am positive of one thing….

I will learn quite a bit about position trading and trend trading in general.

So to sum it all up, the purpose of this journal is to forward test the individual parts of the equity millipede. And to piece them together bit by bit into a viable trading strategy.

Starting with the simple trading plan as explained by pipeasy in the first few posts of the equity millipede which I will show in the next post.

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