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I request one more time….

If you can answer one last question for me…. show me your entire chart with timeframe for AUDNZD or AUDCAD or CADCHF pair. I just have one doubt in my mind that I want to confirm (it has NOTHING to do with your indicator… it is one fact that I am unable to prove without having insider information)

I posted some charts earlier on this thread for GBPCAD which does not ‘respect’ the manipulation behavour. Here’s another one of these happening again on CADCHF… another cross so question if you don’t want to share your chart on these pairs.

  1. Do crosses experience the same level of manipulation schemes by SM? My research tells me, they do not… especially when the banks are closed for their respective session.

Could you please confirm this theory?

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I am on self-imposed exile from FF to continue my detoxification journey!

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