richyRich27 replies to: Forex Frustration Venting

i think you need 2 things nub, perserverance and patience. the only people who got rich easy were lottery winners. then shortly afterwards became bankrupt. getiing rich is a process, a way of life. i am starting to realize that myself. i always thought that i would i would trade, either via a broker or myself, make some trades and add to my bank account every week like clockwork. fat chance!!! learned that the hard way both ways.

now i understand that it takes alot of little wins to make it over time. my only question is how do you have big losses??? don’t you use stop losses??? you should never have one “big loss” that wipes out everything you have made over time, right???

the getting rich process is done taking one step at a time, sometimes you go back a step or two, but if you keep going forward, you will succeed.

what is your version of being rich??? obama says anyone making 250,000 is rich. i say being debt free is rich. after that, what time you spend trading should be about building wealth, not about getting rich. don’t put a time limit on being rich, it will happen when it happens. i wanted to be retired and living on a beach with 50 hot women at my back and call when i was 35, i am 45 this year. that worked out really well!!!

my advice, take some time away, and come back with the attitude of a ball player. you cannot win every game, take the losses as well as you take wins. always ask why you won, just as much as asking why you lost. you can always improve your game by looking at each win or loss as an opportunity to improve your game. constructive criticism is good for the soul, though it can be tough on the ego. in the end, you will be a better person, trust me.

just my two pips!!

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