RickSanchez replies to: Rick Sanchez is trying to turn $50 into $50,000 in 10 trades

Hi all, a few days ago I came across the idea of Rag2RichesFX to get rich quickly in the shortest amount of trades. (I’ve had such ideas before.) I’ve been reading the disputes over the past few days and I decided to try it with 50$.

The task is to make 10 deals, each of which multiplies the score.

1. 50-100
2. 100-200
3. 200-400
4. 400-800
5. 800-1600
6. 1600-3200
7. 3200-6400
8. 6400-12800
9. 12800 – 25600
10. 25600 – 51200

How I’m going to try to do it. I will trade as usual 3-5 times a month (Trade with a potential profit of 200+ pips, so that the safety margin was also 200+), but for this I will use only the best in my opinion. According to my calculations, it will take me a few months, but I think I will have time for the New year, if only at one stage the account will not explode.

p.s. I do not advertise a broker, do not teach how to trade, do not share ideas.

Excuse me, my English is very bad…

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