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{quote} Hey Dee, Went over you log before, but hard to follow entry points on my broker over yours. CFDs quote differently over brokers, some times I’ve seen over 20 pips difference, besides time difference. Of course being the quote the important variable, considering small timeframes many times paint different due same reason. This could have even more impact if the instrument selected is DAX cash index vs DAX CFD. Cheers mate

Here. All the trades happened inside the Blue Box, it was a mess to trade but that was the time I had available. I don’t trade Standard Time frames I monitor the 1hr to keep an eye on what the rest of the market is looking at, in this instance I only used the 5 pip Renko chart for entries not the 5 minute chart.

CFDs are not Real Instruments. They are Broker/Market Maker created so they can do what they want with the price data, and they certainly do that. But they are cheap to trade so the brokers get away with it. There is no logical reason for the pricing disparity between the Futures Fdax and Forex other than to facilitate price manipulation and the difference between brokers means it is more difficult to ascertain who is doing what to who.

Done for the day. I am off to the village square, we are having a demonstration to petition the rest of the world to Quarantine the U.S.A from the rest of us so that we do not become infected by the disease sweeping through America, we are expecting a counter demonstration from the American who lives at the other end of the village who says that the solution is that the U.S.A should nuke the rest of the world thereby making America the greatest nation on earth, believe it or not, Hank the American (I call him Homer) he really did say that.

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Cut your Losers short and let your Winners run.

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