rizkh replies to: Red News Hedge Trading + EA


{quote} What is your MT4 build version?

Hi MathTrader apologies for the late response; the build seems to be 1090 May 2017 however the problem seems to have gone away – so thank you!

On a separate note and hope this is not too much a rookie question – do you think it would be feasible for this EA or another adapted version to open both Buy & Sell positions at certain minutes/seconds before news and for the EA to close one of the positions once the specific trade has hit a certain money loss but allowing the reverse trade to continue?

Having faced slippage, manipulation and market lockout both manually and through an existing EA I am coming to the conclusion that perhaps being in the trade and taking a limited loss could increase the probability of profits(?) Alternatively entering minutes after the news based on historical behaviours could at times be equally profitable.

Thanks again for all your efforts and look forward to your comments.

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