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{quote} On chart below I tried to picture the process.. This is the core of trading with my method and again I am very generous today to reveal this method which you will not find in any source or book or whatsoever resource on earth.. Fully new.. Fully my own invention.. Let me quickly explain.. Read my explanations while looking at every numbered part that I am mentioning on the image below of this post. Today, as you remember, drop started earlier and at 1.1465 area a bullish candle appeared. So, whenever we see a bullish candle completion…

Thanks Ata for your great explanation

Can you please confirm if this understanding is correct?

Subject: How to choose the best entry point in H1 Breakout Trading (?)

Short in downtrend (long will be same but opposite):
Step 1: We use ZUP indicator to find the proper angle of blue TD and we will draw it under any bullish candle which come after a bearish one

Step 2: We will wait until a H1 candle is fully formed and closed bellow the blue TD

Step 3: will draw a new line parallel and bellow the blue TD on the fully formed candle in step 2 (so based on the image on your post #3 (on candle open) #8 & #12 (on candle close))

Step 4: will draw a line to connect the candle bottom (candle low) of the fully formed candle in step 2 to the parallel line we have drawn in step 3 and cross the new running candle

Step 5: Untill the new running H1 candle fully form and close, we will use M5 chart and we will wait for the breakout of the line which we have drawn in step 4 (M5 candle should close bellow the line) so on breakout we can set our sell order

step 6: On any H1 candle close, we have to revise charts or our opened orders again (we can schedule our alarm for every hour and leave the computers to live the life )

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