rockit replies to: Is Darwinex still a trustable broker?

I have used darwinex for 3 years, never have a problem with them before. trade condition is good, deposit and withdraw process is fast.

but recent something is changed, they suspend my withdraw request and asked for a bunch of personal data and document, like career, income proof, deposit bank, etc. and let me waiting untill they finished auditing “all the document” they collect, then they can process my withdraw.

darwinex told me they do this is because i was Chinese and China has strict foreign exchange control.I feel this excuse is unreasonable but don’t want make trouble. so i send them my document,one week passed,they are still not finish the auditing. I don’t think they need so long time to do this.

By contact their customer service again i learned that ” all the document” means not only my personal document but include all darwinex customer’s document, this is unbelievable, god knows how many customer’s data they have collected and how long they need to finish this work.

the funny thing is when I confirm with service guy who’s request this is, to collect all the personal data, at first he told me it’s their regulator’s request, i said ok if it’s FCA i can contract them to confirm that, because I don’t see any other FCA regulated broker has this request recently. immediately he said no it’s darwinex’s auditing department’s decision. lol, what? darwinex is regulated by itself? so darwinex can do anything it want, it is this logic i guess.

finally, from darwinex’s cs i get same answer again, pls be patient and wait for the auditing finished, whatever you like or not.

who can tell me,from what time, this decent broker has downgrade to a rogue broker?

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