rockit replies to: The only thread you will ever need: FX Exposed!

Sorry guys, but the diatribe is starting to get out of control.

1. Who cares whether FF has access to DM position info (note: some retail brokers do provide their order book BTW).
2. Who cares whether FF has plans to go commercial – best of luck to him if he does.
3. Who cares what nationality or ethnic background FF is – last time I checked we all have at least one of those!
4. …. and on and on I could go.

To FF I would say this …. get your story/message out as quickly as you can (I believe you have a lot to say and meaningful content to add to this forum); be humble; address people politely and engage people in a meaningful discussion; be respectful to all people and all people will conduct themselves in the same manner …. but you have to set that tone (note: pearls to swine is not a great start)!

To all the haters out there … please move on. You are not adding anything meaningful to this thread.

Lets see if we can this thread back on the right track.


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