RondaRousey replies to: Why has Bitcoin crashed from its all time high?


I have been asked this question a lot today as people know I have ten of them and still hold them and will continue to hold them. But here is the simple truth of why it’s crashed from its all time high of just under 20,000 It’s a simple law we must all understand; Very rich people with lots of money put in lots of money, which convinced stupid people with little money to put money in, the value went up, the rich people took out their money and the poor stupid people remain stupid and poor. This is why the value of bitcoin has plummeted. Have a great…

That’s how George Soros used to be in the 90s before crashing the Asia market.
Like, he keep appearing in TV broadcast and newspaper, leading the troops to mass buy on a certain stock, when it reach the peak, Soros crash the price.

For how he crash Thailand, he first borrow say $1 Billion USD worth of Thai Bath from Thailand, and convert them to USD.
Say that time Thai to USD is, 25:1.

Then Soros making use of leverage from forex market crash the Thai market, making the conversion now 50:1.
Suppose, he owe Thai $1 Billion USD, now he owed only $500 Million USD. He made $500 Million USD there, he then attack Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei…..

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