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[quote=michaellobry;11209678]…e:nf_catapults This pnf indicator I find very useful, because: – it’s clear – good pattern recognition – good breakout signals – easy rules to follow This indicator: With well over a dozen P&F patterns, there is often an active pattern or pattern developing on a P&F chart. Identifying these patterns and the confirming breakout form an essential part of the P&F analysis process. Bullish Breakout Patterns – Double Top Breakout, Triple Top Breakout, Spread Triple Top Breakout and Quadruple Top Breakout are covered in this group. Bearish Breakdown Patterns – Double Bottom Breakdown, Triple Bottom Breakdown, Spread Triple Bottom Breakdown and Quadruple Bottom Breakdown are covered in this group. Bearish and Bullish Signal Reversed – These patterns resemble a rising flag or falling flag on a classic bar chart. Bullish and Bearish Catapults – Many P&F aficionados consider catapult signals the strongest. Catapults mark a classic breakout, a mild correction, and a continuation breakout. Bullish and Bearish Triangles – These patterns resemble triangles in bar charts, but a basic P&F signal is required for confirmation. Bull and Bear Traps – These patterns are just as they sound. A bear trap suckers the sellers before rallying, while a bull trap suckers the buyers before declining. How does the indicator work: PnF Charts This indicator displays Point & Figure charts (PnF charts) in the indicator window. PnF charts show only price movements that are bigger than the specified box size. It helps to eliminate noise and allows focusing on main trends. Time is not a factor here. Only price movements are taken into account. That is why PnF chart is not synchronized with the main chart it is attached to. More about PnF charts: Indicator works in two modes: CLOSE – only close prices are taken into account while building the chart HIGH_LOW – only high/low prices are taken into account The chart is updated only after closing of each bar. It means that PnF chart will be updated more frequently when attached to M1 and less frequently when attached to charts of higher timeframes. Features: Reversal amount can be changed Two methods of drawing 1-box reversal charts (compressed and normal) You can add up to 2 moving averages to the chart (SMA or EMA) You can add Bollinger Bands to the chart Colors are fully customizable Grid can be turned on and off Moving and zooming the chart with keyboard Bollinger Bands and Moving Averages can not be used in compressed 1-box reversal mode. Parameters: Price_Mode [CLOSE / HIGH_LOW] – in CLOSE mode the chart is built based on Close price of each bar while in HIGH_LOW mode the chart is built based on High and Low prices of each bar Box_Size – minimal price movement required to draw a new box in the direction of current trend Reversal_Boxes – minimal counter-trend price movement required to change the trend (entered as a number of boxes, default = 3) Compress_1_Box_Chart – enables compressed mode of drawing 1-box reversal charts Max Columns – sets the maximal number of columns to display Scale – initial size of X’s and O’s Draw_in_Main_Window – sets the location of the PnF chart (either main chart window or indicator’s subwindow) Draw_Grid – shows/hides the grid Draw_Price_Scale – shows/hides the price scale on right side of the chart Right_Shift – amount of empty space on the right side of the chart Show_Info – shows/hides information label in the upper left corner Draw_MA1 – adds a moving average to the chart (SMA or EMA) MA1_Type, MA1_Color, MA1_Period, MA1_Shift – parameters of the first moving average Draw_MA2 – adds a second moving average to the chart MA2_Type, MA2_Color, MA2_Period, MA2_Shift – parameters of the second moving average Draw_BB – adds Bollinger Bands to the chart BB_Color, BB_Period, BB_Deviations, BB_Shift – parameters of Bollinger Bands Keys: W, S, A, D – moving the chart Q, E – zooming in/out G – show/hide grid {image} {file} {image}[

Not working for me too

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