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{quote} you make allegations against someone reputation and when they challenge you you run away typical school bully you say you teach trading groups in banks and Fractal Freaks says his a hedge fund manager you both make me laugh does anyone here believe either of you?? Q,you want a challenge where someone tell you have many currencies you have to trade. fractaltrade want this. sorry, any good trader wants trading what he want. come on all these years working in banks and you don’t know you can negotiate a challenge you are actually scared that…

no problem boy, i help you out like always. it looks like my job to correct all your mistrakes now day in day out. maybe some day when you are no beginner any more, you know yourself as stupid in past, until now i tell you: you are stupid.
anything, really anything in your statement is wrong! thats hard to believe after this long text.

– fractal freaks challenge is a joke, you are a joke that you find it a good challenge (ok, you are extrem beginner level and have extrem trading problems and are not very smart (from your textes with so many many mistakes this is 100% true and impossible not to say), all fine, but dont speak then about topics you can never recognize !). no words more needed, you cant see any argument because of your low skills you show in any text
– i claim i traded billions turnover with 1 mill account? baby, i even had over billion with 500k accounts, thats turnover baby, learn whats turnover and whats win! you dont know whats scalping and daytrading and doing many trades each day? i see your basic problems in each text, learn the basics, or be a clown in each text. what a waste of time to tell you this each time.
– i am scraed fractalfreak show i am a bad trader? i have my 50-150% each year to my balance i let in the account, and if this is a bad trader for you, then you are even more stupid then you ever show here! fractalfreak has lost all his money (and with very high chance his family money,his friends money..) and now needs to win the money back by starting a fraud to sell later his shit garbage system. all what he writes is exactly this, why do you think he fakes all (entries, exits, buy youtube likes, write many useless post, speaks about manipulation that are not there in this kind or total unimportant because normal….. learn baby!). so you think i am scared of a loser trader who need to teach because he cant trade, sorry baby, you are same low level then fractalfreak thats your problem, you can only see your side because of beginner level – i need not to say any more!??
– crucial point is one of the bigger fakers in forexfactory, i needed to correct his mistakes so often (and many other needed to correct him too), he even produced one of the biggest fake in forexfactory, when he told why he invented the x dimension model, biggest joke ever seen, most wrong most stupid most funny. so you mention here someone i needed to correct often because of his low skills? this is your example what other speak about me. think twice, you, crucial point, fractalfreak — all same low skill level and fakers, for 100% sure! cucial point was one with at least basic knowledge, but speaking about advanced topics he always lost and did make big mistakes, always! did you see how childich crucialpoint reacted after i did correct his 100% wrong arguments and many of his mistakes, he was going like crazy because he checked how wrong he was to write about advanced topics he dont know anything about, and he thought his stupid followers dont check this. he even tried to leave many times that people forget about he was extrem wrong so often and did come back later when he hoped all is forgotten , that he dont look like this stupid mistake clown he often is! but all this you dont know, because again, you are low level and even cant check reality! scammers and fakers have easy game with you!
– i teached in banks? yes, and? thats what i did. any problems with it? i even learned in bank, worked in bank, brokers and funds….. any problems with this too?sometimes you really need to learn how to think! your arguments are really bad, at least ask me intelligent things, so any answer to you makes you a clown more and more! same was with crucialpoint, on the end he was only a clown with no brain, he tried to teach basic thing most complicated way (why to you think smart people teach difficult things in easy ways and crucialpoint did it opposite – learn to think baby!), that noone know he only know basics form some books and rewrite it to let this not possible to show, simple fake, and of course he could do only basis correct, faking experience was where he hit his borders! only very beginners failed in his shit, no medium trader did this and even they corrected him too.

i know you are not worth that i respond to you, because your brain is extrem impossible to recognize the truth, but thats your problem for your trading and life, i dont help you out with this, i only mention your big problems and mistakes, same i did with fractalfreak and crucialpoint by the way! you have to live with yourself and your problems! or at least learn the basics, and most of your problems are one, or relearn the basics, or ask question what you dont understand about the basics! anyway.. good luck on your path from beginner to a learning basics man and setting your character smart and as a man who dont look complete wrong all the time when he write something.

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