ruben7222 replies to: Back to the Future – My Freewheeling Journal


Point for the Bears… they are smiling. OODA. Observe, Orient, Decide and Act. You have to decide.

yes because it’s a pleasure to have you, dongsky and the TAF here. Aaaaaand it would be sad if you close down you poetic way of explaining how someone can trade. It’s sad enough that the TAF thread dies, that dongsky have no longer the need to care about his journal since this is also awesome.

i understand that on a distinct point of your journey you will close your work here also. Every journey has a destination and when you personally feel you have arrived there you will leave here, that’s what already happend in your head once or twice, this also happened to dongsky several times.

For now I would be quite happy to get some more time to be in markets, being in a rush is not my favorite mood for trading, it’s quite disturbing and fogging. Would be cool if i can someday discuss live with you and others when have enough ammunition to live while learning her lessons.

Hopefully will get there before you have reached your journeys target.

Thanks again for laying out what your mind is combining all out of it.


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