Ryder replies to: Fun and play with Renko strategy


hi friend Follow the steps carefully Put the indicator in the picture and its settings on the chart {image} {file}

mohsen, “renko build” generates lots of “Invalid file Handle” errors as well as “File Seek” errors as can be seen in the MQL4/log file. Unless you check and delete the log file frequently, the ever growing log file will slow your platform down. Need to clean “renko build” up, but requires source code.

Also, the mq4 file for “Laguerre_RSI_v2.1m_mtf.mq4” that you posted does not produce a clean compile — gets 16 compile errors. I cleaned it up and have attached a copy that compiles without error. Renamed to v2.2

Errors like this make me loose interest in your thread.

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