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@alien sorry, i’ve meant how often you look at the charts. how is it possible such a small loss with almost no screen time. daily swings of 100-150 points. it’s the news which happens when you’re in the market and didn’t expect which gives me the big losses. it’s not often, but when I lose, its big. sometimes i don’t look for a couple of hours, big reversal, didn’t see that one coming.

You will have a margin pullback if the trade begins to go against you, which it pretty much always does unless you are scalping and find the perfect entry point.
So looking at Larger TF’s it can back up a couple hundred pips if you don’t look at all TF’s for the best entry. This is only getting things close. perfection is impossible.
The small losses you see are when I might get out of a trade at BE or a trade is not going anywhere and I just Exit it a few pips down,

Alien does not like to lose, so I take all my winners and wait for the losers to come back to me and then I repeat. Don’t take a loss!
If you trade compressions, you should never lose! wait 2 or 3 weeks to exit the bad trade. They do come back to you.
If I tie up $2000 in a margin and it takes me a month to exit with $200 profit. I just made 10% on my money. Do that for 12 months and you just made 120% for the year! Do that for 10 years and you have now made $1,000,000.00 Dollars.

Day 8 on my adventure with a 200:1 account
My floating P/L is BE with my profits today. Gross profits $7102 / Floating trades negative -6075. so if I want to get out of all trades right now after 8 days, I am in the green $1027.00,
That’s over 10% profit of the original deposit in 8 days. Do this for 252 more trading days and I will have well over 300% in one year. If I was to repeat this process.
But I am not. If I was to keep averaging $800 per day, which is highly unlikely. in 252 more days, I would have $223,713.00 next July.
This math does not even take into consideration Compounding! And I don’t have that number yet.

So be happy aliens! I am trying to get you all there, how I am going to I am not sure, it is the Journey that is the best…………!!!!!

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The More You Learn, The More You Earn…..

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