silverau replies to: The only thread you will ever need: FX Exposed!

Why is this guy so hesitant to show his method makes him profitable? I get the dumb money vs smart money theory – it isn’t new. Still, proclaiming that this is the ONLY thread one will ever need is like saying you’ve got the holy grail to trading. Keeping yourself boxed in one particular theory is vicarious and doesn’t equal long-term success.

This thread started out with curiosity, now it’s just rebuttals and “that’s advanced and for later” replies and occasional bro love. Just this at over five hundred posts and not even a linked live account with substantial numbers.

There isn’t much to detract here since there’s neither much meat on the bone. He’s got some videos that introduces newbs on the idea, but not much else. I wish I could put it in a more eloquent manner. I want to believe there’s more, but I hope I’m like the masses and heed credibility where it’s deserving. This fractal or whatever he calls himself needs to understand there are people whom aren’t complete lay-downs and don’t readily drink served kool-aid.

So to you fractal, go ahead, just link a live account where we can see this happening in real-time and gander at your P+L. Putting yourself on the soapbox you’ve invited this type of scrutiny. What’s holding you back? Unless it’s those lay-downs you’re after and their dumb money. If this is the case than your selectivity is becoming transparent, just like your replies.

Success in trading doesn’t lead to sharing…Unless there’s an agenda and if that is the case than you’re obliged to show the kind of proof that matters to real traders – your P&L. I can’t imagine interviewing with a prop-shop head and being asked for my trailing 24 numbers and tell him I’ve got something better…Then pull out my folio of youtube videos; it just doesn’t cut it. It has a sense of pop-culture ease of interest – but that’s all. Again, if that’s whom your after without being legit then I don’t blame you or your tactics. Your target audience can only blame themselves.

This thread is amusing I have to admit.

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