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I’m so glad I opened this thread up to every one now…… The retail followers are the only ones defending him…. Go ask him a question on is his account real.. To show his last 20 trades… The winners and losers and you will be instantly blocked.

Trading is easy if you want to know when and how…… Look at the timestamp on the trade I just did for the GBP/NZD and they are my top buy trades for this week.

5 minute chart quick scalp… Its just knowing when… NO PIVOTS NEEDED…. Made a coffee and I did that. I could do it all day on other pairs.

But I don’t want to. Who wants to sit at a computer all day going blind… One a day will do… Pays the daughters school fees plus my wife in shoes…

People say i’m arrogant here… Not in the slightest. I do it here on purpose to know who I can trust and not.

If you have ever met an investment banker then you know they are 100 times worse then I am… There evil people.. I know I worked for them..

Enjoy your day… I know I am going to 🙂

P.S Wonder where the WCU went…. LOL….. I’m keeping it to myself because retail traders (like Davit) don’t see the power of it and what it does.

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Trade they way Warren Buffet and George Soros did

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