Simply-Me replies to: Dip pipmaster professional forex trading system


{quote} If a good trader can earn a simple 30 pips consistently a day from trading , a trader can become a billionaire in 5 years from trading .He does not need to sell anything.No need to monetize. Only trading failures sell stuff . {file}

30 pips a day it’s doable. However your excel tab is more like sci-fi.
Let’s do some math.With regular MM you’ll risk 3% of your capital per trade.Let’s say you’ll risk 30 pips it’s 10,- per pips.
To make 4500,- you’ll need 450 pis per week or 90 pips per day. With 30 pips you’ll need to bet 30,- per pip and to keep with your MM you have to risk only 10 pips per trade,but still doable with good and consistent scalping technique.
Now I’d really like to meet trader,who can trade this excel tab,like in week 100,he should make 351 338,- Divided by 150 pips per week and 5 days a week it’s 2342.- per pis.With 100 standard lots EURUSD you’ll get 860,- pips value.How many brokers let you trade more than 100 lots???
And what about week #200???

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t,you’re right. H.F.

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