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{quote} I just realised that you can also spot divergences. What indicator you have used? This might be interesting. Maybe we can even get above 90% win ratio. Myself when I started using this I got like 70-80%. Only thing I did wrong is bad MM. Let’s say that my loss trade was opened with 1.2lots. But most of my winning trades were started with 0.5 lots. So my loses were sadly bigger than my wins. It may happen when you are undisciplined. Well… What can I do to fix it? Yes, good start may be using fixed lot ratio. Open trades only with 1 lot….

Interesting point on the divergences. I had started to notice that sometimes there is a difference in the patterns being created in the upper and lower channels where you would expect identical patterns in the channels and the line chart. But I have been out all day so I haven’t had time to explore that further – I’ll look at this at the w/e. I’m not using an indicator to spot the M’s and W’s, they are very obvious.

It think the way forward is to find patterns that give high probability entries and use the channels peaks and troughs as exits – that way you can calculate the R:R ahead of taking the trade to make sure it is viable. The frequency of opportunities and the tight SL’s that can be applied with this is sufficient that you do not need to go for big home runs.

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