Singh1 replies to: EA31337 released for free


{quote} So I just placed v 1.075 in experts and started it and it gives below error, Am I missing any files? Sorry if this is a repeat question but I would really like to test this EA but I am having hard time starting it. Usually one just needs to place EA on chart and done, I am not sure what am I missing here. and 1.072 errors attached as well. {image} {image}

The v1.075 version doesn’t support balances above 100k, as it hasn’t been optimized, so try with the lower balance please. Initiation error was mentioned a couple of times. It was mentioned a few times already here, I’ve increased now the size of the text note on the release page , I think I can’t make it bigger now. I’ll try to re-compile the older version with the param fix, but it won’t happen soon. If you’ve got another issue, please raise the ticket.

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