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{quote} hey bir pinar ı dont know where u know my happines or not , and theres no any pair not losing of value %30 in 1-2 week , ı know usd strong but look at other majors s they are recollect themselves , have u ever seen in any country president assign groom to tresury minitry if this usual and ok , keep going with this mentality because here a lot people from outside please folk say me whers example like this( assign groom to treasury minitry) ,where u know which party ı support , this kind of people like u always got judgement…

Listen my friend, you can, of course, discuss and criticize any mistakes you see in the governing of economy of the Republic of Turkey with your technical and/or fundamental view. That’s normal and respectable; everybody does it in this forum for their own countries as well.

But that’s not the thing you are doing here. It’s clear that you are talking indiscreetly by saying “my country is a joke” and your are mostly blaming your own president for assigning his groom as the Minister of the Economy for no reason but for only because of being his own groom and it’s been only 2 weeks since that assignment was made. So he can not be the reason for any of the current increase of the value of the US dollar and he can not be the reason for any mistakes done in the economy.

Moreover, you are just calling Mr. Berak Albayrak as “the groom” as if he has no skills other than being the groom of Mr President. This is not a technical or fundamental way of criticizing the economical decisions and consequences of them; Is it?. By the time he was assigned as the Minister of the Economy, he had already been elected as the deputy for the Parliament of Turkey by Turkish Citizens. I have not mentioned about the success story of Mr Berat Albayrak yet. I am sure if you had had a groom as skillful as him, you would have assigned him to the same status as well. If you still find this assignment inappropriate, I am asking you who could have been the most trustworthy man on earth, if it’s not your groom where you were governing a country like Turkey that overcame a coup attempt just few years ago?

Anyway my friend, just be careful with your language if you want some respect from anyone who believes in democracy. Because anyone who believes in democracy, knows that you have to show some respect to the elected President of the Republic of Turkey. Besides it’s your own country.

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